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a little about me.

Hi, I am Bodie Pyndus.  I create videos for Youtube.  They are about my passions in life.  One old passion -Gardening, and one new one – Woodworking.  I have only recently bought a table saw. My wife still counts my fingers, each time I come in from the garage.

This is where I show you how I do things and tell you the stories about the things I enjoy, like projects in the garden and projects around the home.

I come from a family of Master Gardeners, my mother and  my son, are both Master Gardeners.  Through my videos, I will share with you my 40 years of gardening experience.  I hope to help you learn more about gardening, improve your knowledge base, and help you become more comfortable putting  your hands in the soil. 

There are some topics, like tomatoes, I know a lot about. And you will find several videos on growing tomatoes.   Yet, flowers are my passion and I am always trying new plants.  There is one thing I learn or relearn every year—  I don’t know it all when it come to gardening, and  Mother Nature reminds us of that  regularly.  I have lots of experience and by sharing it with you, you can become a better gardener.

It is my belief that Gardening –  is a journey, not a destination. A gardener’s work is never done, and we like it that way, because we will be back again tomorrow.

The other part of my channel is dedicated to Home projects.  I am just an typical handyman who has developed a skill set over many years to be able to own, maintain and upkeep a home and yard. 

Now some might call them honey’dos,  whatever you call them, they are task or projects that either must be done, or you need to do them, to keep the wife happy, or you just enjoy the challenge of making or creating something.  So I will share with you my tips and tricks, my failures and successes, to make your projects quicker, easier, and more fun.   

So, if you find some videos that interest you, watch and enjoy.  If you like a tool I use, look for a link to shop for it on this site.  This will help support my endevors. You may want to bookmark this page so you can come back again.

Thanks for watching. You may leave your comments below.

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The photos you see on this website are photos that I have taken.  I enjoy photography and I am please to display part of my work here. Additional photos of mine may be seen on the website ‘’.  On This website my photos have been viewed over 3.7 million times and downloaded over 16,000 times.