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When you don't know where to put it, you stick it in the junk drawer. But these are too good for the junk drawer, so I have put them here.

Collection of Various Topics

Some are ‘Road Trip” videos.  Some are a catagory unto themself.

Road Trip to Round Top, TX

A small Texas town with plenty of surprises.  As the locals like to say, Population 90.  Round Top is located between Houston and Austin.  Round Top is home to the “Junk Gypsies” made famous by their stint on HG TV. 

Child Proof Gate Latch

When your grandchildren are tall enough to reach the gate latch, you must have another way to keep them in the yard.  I build a simple latch with wood scraps in this video.  Simple design and effective.

Wildseed Farms, Fredericksburg, Texas.

A delight to visit, as you see fields of flowers in bloom each Spring.  This grower provides many of the seeds used to beautify our National Highways.  And it’s just down the road from the National Treasure of Texas, Luckenbach.  Where you have BBQ, beer and boot scooting.

A World unto it self- Big Bend National Park

Like no other, Big Bend National Park is huge, hot, and quaintly beautiful.   Learn about the isolation of the desert and the 1500 foot wall that borders the Rio Grande.

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Free Flowers Every Year

Saving seeds if a perfect way to have flowers every year.  We show you how to save seeds from each of your annual flowers.

Gift for the Shop

Ever wonder what to get for the new homeowner?  Now you have the answer, just watch as we suggest the first tools to be bought.