Flowers & Plants

Together they make your landscape. Artfully arranged they make a garden.

Flowers of any kind are my Favorite

I never met a flower I didn’t like. I try and plant new and different plants and flowers each year.  After just three years in my new garden, I had over 50 differents plants in my gardens.  

Some are big, some are small, some are short, and some are tall.  Some are bought, some are shared.  I love them every summer, winter, spring and fall.

Chicken Shit as Fertilizer

Manure is the best fertilizer and compost. I show how I use it in my yard and garden. This brand has very little barnyard smell. Manure contains most elements required for plant growth, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. and micronutrients.

However, it is manure’s organic carbon that provides the energy source for the active, healthy soil microbial environment that both stabilizes nutrient sources and makes those nutrients available to crops.

Replace Your Shrubs

This video discusses when to replace the shrubs in your landscape. If you have bushes that are not doing well, replace them.  I show to remove the shrubs by cutting a ball around the bush. Many times a change of location is all that is needed for a plant to perform better.


Best way to Water your Containers

When you put pots out in the sun they dry out in a few days. Well, in the Texas heat they dry out in one day.  I show how planting with ollas you can extend the watering cycle.

Propagating Coleus

This is a fan favorite video. This is a very in depth look on how to propagate coleus.  If you have ever grown the new varieties of coleus you know how stunningly beautiful they are.  But they freeze each year, now I show how you can create new plants from you old ones.

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Gardener’s Color Wheel is a must when designing landscapes, gardens and pot combinations.  Just throwing a bunch of flowers together seldom works well.  Now you have the help to create combination of flowers and plants with the color wheel. There are several different wheels, just be sure you get the  Gardener’s Color Wheel Helps Gardeners Create Exciting Color Combinations.

Coleus Unlimited Colors

The new colors and new textures make this plant a must have for every gardener.  And they are cheap.




Part garden cart, part wheelbarrow.  When a heavy load is too much to lift, a four wheel cart is a lot better and easier. Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides with a Capacity of 400 lb, Green

Harvesting Potatoes

This video I show the harvest of the sweet potatoes.  There is nothing better than home grown sweet potatoes.



Dip the stem in the gel, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to protect the delicate new root tissue.  Works great, I have used this for years in our greenhouse to start cuttings.

Coleus Unlimited Colors

The new colors and new textures make this plant a must have for every gardener.  And they are cheap.

Multiply Your Plants

Multiply your plants for FREE.  In this video I teach you how to get more of your favorite plants.   I show you three methods I use, voluntary seed starting,  Cut and drop seeding, and propagation from cuttings.  I show how to use a cloning gel to insure your cuttings get a good start.  Additional propagation by cutting is show in one of my most popular videos, Propagating Coleus Cuttings