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Toilet Seat Replacement

A soft -close Toilet seat is a thing of beauty. It is quiet and will make the women of the house happy. I show how to remove an old seat and replace it with a soft -close seat. You can get a replacement at the big box stores.

How to Fix a Dragging Gate

When your gate sags and drags you need to repair it. In this video I show why the gate is sagging and how to fix it. It is a simple repair but takes some time to do it right.

Building a Trash Can Drawer

How to build a pullout trash can drawer. My daughter, KJ, is getting into the DIY craze, and she wants to build things for her home. So, she comes to me asking my assistance. In this video, I show her how to use the table saw and how to drill pocket holes to assemble a box.

Installing A New Pantry Light

When the old incandescent light bulb or the mini fluorescent bulbs don’t do, You need a LED fixture.  In this video, I install a new LED fixture in the pantry.

Installing Taller SOFA Feet

Our sofa sat too low, so we decided we needed taller sofa feet.  In this video I show how to remove the old short feet and install new taller feet.

Replacing a Microwave.

While not an everyday task, there are several tips to know when preforming this job.  I show the issues I faced and how to overcome them.

Sprinkler Repair

Every homeowner has faced broken sprinkler or sprinkler heads.  Just this morning I had a gusher in a flower bed that I will have to be fixed when I get home today.  I show how the daunting task can be tamed.  Shovel in hand, ready to go.

Ice Dispenser Repair

You got to have ICE.  What to do when your dispenser is broken? I show step by step how to replace the auger motor and repair the dispenser. I got my parts at Repairclinic.com.  Just click on the link above to access their website, it is GREAT!!

Links to items in the Videos

Affiliate Links to Amazon:

When you need a quality professional chisel, try this one.

For inline switch used in Replace lamp Switch. Click on the photo for a link.

Lamp Repair

Lamps are everywhere, and sometimes they don’t work properly.  Rather then throw them away, repair them.  I show how I changed a lamp switch from a turn switch to an easy to use, push switch.

Rebuilding a Garden Bench

When the bench slats had rotted out it was time to replace them.  I make new slats and painted the bech a nice bright red.

Repair a Moen Kitchen Faucet

Because Moen has it own Lifetime warranty, they will send you replacements parts for free.  You need to know this because some ‘Universal” parts will not fit the Moen faucet.

Replace Lamp switch and Shorten cord

When my lamp switch did not work correctly, I had the chance to replace the switch and make the cord the just right length.

I suggest this sprinkler head because you can buy it with designated spray patterns.  It comes in Adjustable full circle, full circle, half circle, and quarter circle. Just click the photo to browse or buy.

This is the Sofa foot I used in the video on Installing taller Sofa Feet.  This is the best deal on the web, as I search all over for the best buy.  The feet come in different sizes, so order the exact size to fit your needs.

This is the easy on /off switch for lamps.  This is ideal for people with arthritis in their hands. Or for those who prefer a push on /off rather than a turn switch. Click the photo to buy.