Meet the Gardeners

Knowledge is important, but experience is everything in Gardening.

All my friends are Gardeners and all Gardeners are my friend.

Because we struggle together, we learn together, we succed together, we fail together, all while each of us is doing it alone.  Gardeners don’t just share knowledge, they share their experiences.

Cottage Style Gardening

In this episode of Meet the Gardener we meet Nancy from The Woodlands, TX. Her cottage style garden is sure to impress. Her ability to grow many tomatoes in pots is amazing. She shares how she gardens with dogs, three of them in fact. And she explains how her compost tower works.

Ten Foot Tomato Plants

Kelly  grows tomatoes hydroponically, and grows them very well.  Get to know Kelly as Bodie visits his yard and greenhouse.

George Makes a Tomato Bin

Watch as George make a tomato cage from pallets and then plants the tomatoes directly into the bags of manure.  Big surprise for George, best tomatoe crop ever.

Info and Links

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Planting Tomatoes in a raised Bed

Larry enjoys the load of cherry tomatoes.  He uses the methods learned from his Dad. And he shares what he learned from my DIY Channel.