New Builds

When buying it just wont do.

From Scratch

When you go through the creation of a project, from concept to completed project, you have a true appreciation for the finished product.  The hours you spend designing, drawing and planning are often more than the construction time. Yet, the time you spend is worth more than if you had purchased it.

Building Alcove Shelf

This is a specialty build, having a need for storage and building a unit to fit the space.  See how we designed and built this storage for a young family to store keys, diaper bags, and backpacks.

Pipe Shelves, are IN Style

When its  all the rage, everyone wants it.  I show you how to build pipe shelves for the installation in the Laundry room.

Behind the Scenes

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I use the Ryobi Nailer to make several projects, it is a real time saver on projects.  To view it click here.Ryobi Cordless BRAD NAILER 18GA Model P320 [BASE TOOL ONLY] 18V Battery/Charger Not-Included

I could not live without my favorite tool the Ryobi Drill. See it here, Ryobi P277 Drill – Driver 18 Volt Bare Tool (Battery and charger not included)

Folding Table Build

A fold up table is great in the work space.  You need more space in the shop and this little table can create it.

Guitar Hanger

If you play the guitar you know how much you need this.  If you know someone who plays, build this for them.


Floating Desk Top

When my wife wanted a desk in the back room, a Floating Desk Top was the answer.  Simple instructions in the video, but….

Install Wood Flooring on the Wall

Just as I was about to finish the desk top, my wife wanted a wall treatment – wood flooring.

Custom Trim

Finishing Trim on a project gives it the professional look.  I show how to make it and install it on the job.

Toy Play Table

When your grandson needs a place for all of his trucks you build him this play table.

Planter for Flowers

This was such a fun build.  I show how to build it and my mistakes in building it.

Simple Screen Door

A quick build, just wood and pocket hole screws.  A little paint, hinges and a screen and it is ready to go.

Child Proof Gate Latch

This was such a fun build.It is simple and required to keep the little ones for escaping the back yard.