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In the Shop

All of these video focus on shop related projects.  How to improve your space, make to easier to work in, better tools and jigs. 

Planner Outfeed Extention

When you have a planer you quickly realize that you need an out-feed extension or table. In this video I show how I design my outfeed table to include roller balls for an easy slide for the lumber.

Make a Sharping Stone for $15

When you use hand tools like a plane or chisels, you have to keep them sharp for the best production. I say, don’t buy a stone for $50, don’t buy multiple stones for $100, just follow my tips for a fast and easy way to get a 6 grit sharping stone for $15.

Free Angle Gauge

If you own a table saw, you are always wondering if the settings on the saw are accurate. I wanted to know this as well, but I did not want to spend $30 to find out. The next best thing is a free app downloaded from itunes. If fact, I downloaded three of them and in this video I compare them for you. Watch as I show the readings for each of the three gauges and you can see how they work. All three were free.

Where to store your Table Saw?

A table saw is a must for woodworking, but where can you put it when you are not using it ?  Well, mine sat on my workbench for several months until I got tied of moving it each time I needed to work.  I created a Murphy Bed solution. Watch and see how, I now fold up my table out of the way and can park my car in the garage.

My First Year with a Table Saw

A year ago I bought my first table saw.  My first project was to rebuild a garden bench.  I started project after project. I was having a blast.  Then the request started to come.  My skill set was growing. I wanted to build something that challenged me, thus the Dresser Build. This is the project that resulting in me building three sleds or jigs.

In this video I show you all of the (successful) project builds, show the sleds and jigs I built, and I share with you the tips I learned the first year. After nearly a year I felt confident enough to try one of the woodworking challenges. I submitted my entry into the Two 2x4 Challenge.

Making something from Nothing

Making something from nothing is good.  But why buy a tool when you can make or modify what you have in your shop to do the job.  On occasion I need a disc sander, but not enough to spend $75 for one.  So this solution is comprised from items already in my shop.

Info & Links to Items in Videos

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Ryobi Sander, I choose the corded sander because sanding takes a long time to do a good job and can use alot of batterys, so consider the Ryobi RS290G 2.6 Amp 5 in. Random Orbit Sander

Paper Towel Holder

In my shop I can always use a handy towel, but they are not always handy.  So I made this holder to make it easy to reach.

Folding Table Build

An easy Fold away table can always find a home.  This is what I used for my table saw before I built the Murphy Bed  Table.


Glu-bot is the greatest thing since sliced bread, for the woodworker.  I never realized how easy it was glueing was until I got my glu-bot.  I know how simple this sounds, but for only $7 you have to try this.FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle (16 Ounces)  No need to tip the bottle, just squeeze it.

Now you have the glu-bot don’t forget the glue brush.  Yeah, I know, fingers are handy and quick, but when doing a fair amount of glueing, you don’t want to transfer the glue to other parts of your work piece.  A glue brush like Bench Dog Tools 10-077 Glue Brush, 2-Pack or like Rockler Silicone Glue Brush will make the job quicker and cleaner.

Making a Pulley System

Moving stuff up into the attic is made easy with a Pulley System.  I show how I did this to improve the accessibility of the attic.