TOMATOES, Yes you know what I am talking about !

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Such a simple word. Yet it can drive us crazy at times.  Like when we plant them too soon and the freeze gets them. Or, when they are growing perfectly and all of a sudden you find tomato hornworms. Uggh!  We all know of the first time we grew (or tried to grow) tomatoes… yeah, the $64 tomato.  All the work, all the time, all the cost, just to get one tomato.

Yet, we come back evey year to try again.   There is nothing quite like the first ripe fruit each year, and it insures that we will grow them evey year.  So, for all you tomato lovers, Here are my videos to take you to the Promised Land… the wonderful bounty of plenty of TOMATOES.

If you only watch one video,

This is it !

It took me 25 years before I learned this.  In this video I share with you the One thing they don’t tell you about growing tomatoes.  Now you will know why you had difficulty growing tomatoes before.  Learn when to plant and fertilized for the earliest tomatoes.  And, You will be the king on your block for the most tomatoes.

Tomato Grafting, First Time

This is my first attempt to graft a tomato. The reason you graft tomatoes is to get better production from from a heirloom tomato or other low producing fruit. Grafting is simple, just cut the young tomato stalk when 4 to 6 weeks old and attach your desired tomato variety on top with the clip.

Tomato Grafting, growing progress

We have progress on our grafted tomatoes. After one month in the soil we evaluate and compare the growth to our regular ungrafted tomatoes. I chose the Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato to conduct this test. I plant a regular PBTD, a grafted PBTD onto a Early Girl rootstock and PBTD onto Estamino rootstock.

Selecting Tomato Varieties

When you decide to grow tomatoes, the variety you select may determine your success.  So, I show you what variety to select for a good crop and why.

Links to Items in Videos

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For the Amazon link for Ollas click here.

I wont plant tomatoes with anything other than Superbloom.  If you want flowers on your tomatoes then you need Superbloom.

Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant Food, 2-Pound

This is my favorite garden tool.  I use it to plant, weed, dig everything in the garden.  This is my must have tool.

Planting Tomatoes & OLLAS

If you need a simple soultion to consistant watering of your tomatoes, this is it.

Growing Tomato Series; Seed Selection Episode 1

It all begins with seed selection.  Learn  the key to selecting seeds.


Building A Raised Bed

How to build a raised bed for your garden.

Growing Tomatoes Series; Seed Sowing Episode 2

Learn the quick and simple methods to sowing your seeds.

Artisan Tomatoes

This new variety of cherry tomatoes is all the rage!

Growing Tomatoes Series; Up-Potting Episode 3

Learn when to up-pot your plants.  Learn when to fertilize the seedlings.

10 Foot Tomatoes

Learn how one gardener grows 10 foot tomato plants hydroponicly.

Growing Tomatoes Series; Bed Prep Episode 4

Brandon & Bodie talk bed prep for Tomatoes.

Tomato Bed Preparation

Learn how to grow 10 foot tomato plants

Growing Tomatoes Series; Planting & Caging, Episode 5

When planting tomatoes,  I suggest you plant them up to the first or second leaf on the stem.  Putting  a cage on your tomatoes is helpful to support them in the spring wind.

Tasting the Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato

Learn how to grow 10 foot tomato plants

Growing Tomatoes Series; Season's First Tomato, Episode Flash

Thjis is a Flash report of the first fruit set of the growing season.  And it happened on March 31st.  This is early.

Tomato Bloom Window

Learn how important it is to get your tomato plants in bloom.

Growing Tomatoes Series; Weaving & Fertilizing, Episode 6

Now we get to the real fun part of growing tomatoes.  This is where you fertilize the tomatoes to get plenty of blooms and I share one of my secrets in fertilizing.  Weaving your tomatoes for better support is key to having your fruit off the ground.

Texas Weather vs. Tomatoes

See what happend to tomato plants in a hail storm. It is not pretty.

Growing Tomatoes Series; Harvesting, Episode 7

Tomatoes are coming in by the bucket loads.  I show each variety I harvest,  with several tomatoes over one pound and some new varieties with strange color combinations.

Here is a link to my favorite tomato breeder/grower. Brad Gates is the creator at Wild Boar Farms.  You wont believe the colors of tomatoes he creates.

Welcome to Wild Boar Farms


There is nothing like the taste of garden fresh tomatoes.  Juicy red, golden yellow, or one of the many newer colors make for a tasty treat in the summer.  Come see the many varieties I grow and the bountiful harvest.  I review the number of tomatoes by variety and explain why there is a difference.