What's Blooming

Flowers, Shrubs, Trees

Blooming flowers, Blooming Shrubs, Blooming Trees

I try and have somethings in bloom every month of the year.

June, in full Bloom

 Allen Garden Club Tours My Garden. Every other year the Allen Garden Club host gardens throughout the city of Allen to put on tour for the public to view. This year my garden was one of the 5 gardens on the tour.
In this video I show both my front and backyard. I have new and different flowers in bloom each month. My flowers were at peak bloom,  enjoy the flowers and the gardens.

May, flowers will play

This month the graden dances with flowers.  I always plant onions in my front flower bed, as they make my neighbors ask, what flower is that?  You will find daisy, salvia, datura, iris, white star creeper and coreopsis in bloom

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A kneeler and a Seat!

You see me using this kneeler in my videos to sit on, but I do use it when planting and weeding.  When I am in the bed and in tight spots I will use the simple kneeler below.  Both do the job. Clink on either photo to browse or buy.

March, it Begins

This month enjoy the nicotiana, ajuga, red bud, star creeper, lady banks rose.

July is the Peak


It all begins with seed selection.  Learn  the key to selecting seeds.


April is the Heart

This month to enjoy the rose, iris, poppy, peony as they jump into bloom.