Creativity is the heart of woodworking.


We like it because we can.  It serves the purpose of doing something with purpose.  Woodworking is part creating something from wood, and part creating accomplishments for the soul.  The end result is pride and a sense of craftsmanship.

Rockler Plywood Challenge

This is my submission for the #Rockler Plywood Challenge sponsored by the Modern Maker Podcast. I used one sheet of OAK Plywood for the build. I selected an End Table, partly because it would fit in one sheet of plywood and I had built this style of table before. I wanted to rebuild it with different methods of joinery -dowels.


Barn Door Build

Always popular, but costly. Now, I show you how to build it for cheap. For this door I used cedar fence pickets left over from a fence build. But you can buy them for $2.87 for 4 inch width or $4.65 each for 6 inch width. I bought one sheet of 3/4 inch plywood for $50 and the door hanging hardware from Amazon,


Box Joints

Every person that calls them self a woodworker should know how to make box or finger joints. I attempt to make this project with box joints. One end I hand cut with a Japanese saw and the other with my table saw.


Trivet with a Heart Design

A simple design for a trivet, a loving memory created. This trivet has a heart shape designed into it. This DIY project is not hard, just takes time to cut enough 1/8 strips and then glue them together.


Building a Shoe Shine Box

A box is a box unless it is a Shoe Shine Box. In this video I show how to build a shoe shine box from flooring.The total box is built then it is cut open to make a lid and bottom. Hinges and a clasp is added for the final touch. I made this as a Christmas gift for my Grandson Jackson.


Building a Trick BOX for Christmas

I built a trick  box for my Grandson. In this video I show you the design, how to make the cuts, construct the locking part and how to open it.  This can be a simple and quick build, getting the locking part right is the key.


Rustic Vanity Sink

Somewhere along my progress to become a woodworker, my wife decides that she wants in on the projects. Now she wants me to build a bath vanity. So, off I go to design and build a rustic vanity. After several discussions, she decides on a copper sink and a special feature, a drawer step for the grandboys. For the rustic design I use repurposed wood and a few new pieces of oak.


Spotted Cherry End Table

I wanted a table that was simple enough, you know, without tenons and mortices. My skill set and limited tools are not ready for those. So I selected a table without a drawer and joinery was with pocket hole screws,  There was three new construction tasks, A 30/60 degree miter, cutting 4 tapered legs, all the same, and hand planing a top ( I don’t have a thickness planer). So I was going to learn these skills.
After this build I am ready to build another.

Mallet Build

I took a laminate of walnut and oak to create a cool look for the handle. I bought a spokeshave to shape the handle, it was a lot easier shaping the handle with the spokeshave.
The top of the mallet head and the ends all have a 5 degree taper. I added a special section for threaded inserts. I show to install them with a simple jig.

The TWO 2x4 Challenge

The Modern Maker Podcast created a challenge to all woodworkers.  The challenge was to create something from two 2x4s.   It took me a year to obtain the confidence to enter on of these challenges.

This project was built with up-cycled wood, all reclaimed from the trach pile. My project was a Display Platter.  You will have to watch the video to see how it turned out.

Simple Screen Door Build

It is Spring and time to let the fresh air in. I show the steps to build a simple screen door. Supplies; 1x4 clear pine (no knots), pocket hole screws, glue, paint, screen ( bought to custom size) and hinges.
Hinges are a custom order because they fit the 3/4 inch width of the door, You can find a link to these on this page

Building my First Dresser

In this video I share with you the first major project I built. (It was major to me.)  I had never built a piece of furniture, but that was not going to stop me.  I show how I built this with easy wood on wood drawer slides.  I didn’t trust my skills required to install the full extention drawer slides.  This project was built with up-cycled wood, all reclaimed from the trach pile.

How to Build a Screen Door

When your wife wants fresh air and a screen door, a screen door you build.  I show how I made the lattice pattern screen door, mostly from scrap lumber.

Calipers used in the Two 2x4 Challenge

When you need or want an exact measurement, calipers are the answer.


Kreg Pocket Hole Jig,  I have the Kreg Jr. R3 model.  This is a good model if you anticipant moderate use. You should consider a larger model, like the Kreg K4,  if you will use this regularly.  Remember you will need Kreg SK03 Pocket-Hole Screw Kit in 5 Sizes

Murphy Bed – Table Saw

If you need more storage in your garage, like I did, you have to think creativly.  I needed a place to store my table saw, and the solution was this Murphy Bed Table.

Dresser Build Part 2

It all begins with diagnoists on my drawer fronts.  I discovered that my table saw fence and my saw jig were both mis-aligned.  I show you how I fixed these issues.

Circular COVE Cut

How to make a Cove cut in a circle.. I go through the process of explaing how a cove cut is made and how I made a jig for this cut.

Screen Door Build Part 2

I complete the staining of the door and I attach the screen to the door. installation is complete and now we enjoy the screen door.

Building Storage for Shoes

My neighbor wanted a shoe storage for his wife in her closet.  So I created and built it in theis video.

Music Amplifer for iPhone-from Wood

Making an amplifier for you iPhone is a cool project.  And no batteries are required.  A simple build and it works great.

How to Build a Floating Shelf

Designing and buildiing this display shelf took more design time than construction time.

Fun Design for a Planter Box

Bodie designs a pair of Dice to make a planter.  I show how by trial and error I figured out the angle for this planter to “roll”.